2020 Sponsorships

Through LAPSEN you can gain access to the greatest network of Law and Public Safety (LPS) educators. Those are the ones who educate tomorrow’s LPS professionals. You get access to the programs who need equipment, supplies and support. But you also gain access to their students. Those students will go on to become industry leaders. Your sponsorship goes a long way!

We anticipate a record attendee conference as there are no travel expenses. The cost of the conference is even lower than normal. Additionally the conference is designed with maximum flexibility for attendees. Educators will attend a 4-day conference that will be available for them to access through the end of November.

How many will attend? When we started LASPEN we had 7 emails on our newsletter. Today we have nearly 2,000 and we have Identified at least 1,000 more programs that we are adding to our database daily. Being a sponsor will put you in our newsletter that will go out to our entire database. We reasonably estimate that we will have 300 attend. For most, this is their first law and public safety conference. Many are new programs looking to expand and locate resources. Prime networking!

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