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Student Spotlight

May 2022

Phillip-Michael Collins

School: Cambridge High School

City: Milton, Georgia 

Pathway: Law & Justice

Career Goal:   I want to be a Federal Law Enforcement agent, specifically with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. While gaining experience and knowledge in the field would be rewarding, my ultimate goal is to be the first, African-American FBI Director in this nation’s history.

Post Secondary Plan: Playing football and studying International Studies & Politics at Centre College 

Favorite Thing You Learned in Your Pathway: My favorite thing I enjoyed learning was the Bill of Rights my freshman year because of the fun rhyme my teacher gave us to remember all of them. My favorite being 8 rhymes with date and a date with Steve Urkel would be cruel and unusual.

Biggest Success in High SchoolThe biggest success I had in high school was being awarded with The National SkillsUSA Student2Student Mentoring Award, for the connections course I created and taught at my local middle school. This program was called Skills for Adolescence, In the Skills for Adolescence curriculum, everything is delivered in 7’s. I introduced the 7 Keys to Success and the 7 Dream Killers to my students to inform them of life-threatening issues and to teach them how to overcome them while equipping them with skills and traits they need to succeed in high school and adulthood. My first year I taught a total of 122 students and later that year I was recognized nationally by SkillsUSA.

Briefly describe your participation in leadership experiences and skills activities related to your career path: I’ve been part of my school’s Law & Justice program for four years, three years as a student and my fourth as a mentor for my teachers classes. My sophomore year, I joined our program’s tactical team and was the captain my senior year.

Advice to teachers in Law and Public Safety: My advice for teachers is always keep an eye out for the student who can surprise you, you never know who has the potential to be special.

Favorite memory being a part of the pathway: My favorite memory of the Law & Justice program is my final exam my sophomore year. It was a huge mock trial we spent half of the semester preparing for. I was assigned direct examination for prosecution and this made me extremely nervous because I was up against members of our school’s mock trial team. My star witness was my best friend who played the officer who was the first responder to the crime scene and I knew we had to knock the direct out of the park if we were going to ace the exam. I remember spending hours going over and editing my questions but I still couldn’t calm my nerves. Finally on the day of the trial all of the students in my class and our parents reported to Municipal Court of Milton school and met with the judge who was handling our case and grading us. After the opening statement I was up and all my hard work paid off, my direct questioning went off without a hitch and we ended up getting a guilty verdict on both counts. This is when I fell in love with Law & Justice and knew I wanted a career in it.

Advice to younger students: My advice for younger students is don’t be afraid to take a chance if there’s ever an opportunity in front of you make sure you take it.