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New Teacher Orientation 

Your First Year!

Transitioning from Law and Public Safety (LPS) to the classroom is at best stressful – at worst feeling like you are in a dystopian novel. In LPS there tends to be clear lines of command, written policy and training – usually with a training officer. In public schools – we throw you in a room, give you keys and say “Good Luck!

This is where LAPSEN has stepped in! We want you to access your network – LAPSEN (the N in LAPSEN is literally “Network“). In our first meeting we will cover the basics of public education and bring you up to speed on what is going on. Dr. Thomas Washburn, the Executive Director of LAPSEN, will help you put everything in perspective plus give great tips from his three decades teaching in LPS. Then each week will have some of the best LPS teachers from various pathways share with your their wisdom and tricks of the trade. If you finish the NTO we give you a free year membership in LAPSEN!  

2021 Dates

Tuesday 8/31 @ 7pm EST

Tuesday 9/7 @ 7pm EST

Tuesday 9/14 @ 7pm EST

Tuesday 9/21 @ 7pm EST


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We will send you instructions on accessing the class a few days before the course starts. 

All sessions are on Zoom and will be recorded. 



Lesson plans, teaching strategies, mentorship, classroom tips and much more.

All Free! 

2020 NTO Archive

Session 1 – Overview of CTE & LPS

Dr. Tom Washburn – view Linkedin

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Session 2 – Be the GOAT

Jama Cochrane – view Linkedin

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Session 3 – Lessons Learned & Lesson Plans

Officer Tim Hart  – view Linkedin

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Session 4 – Wrapping it Up

Dr. Tom Washburn – view Linkedin

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