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Most drone programs are a supplement of a larger LPS program

Emergency & Fire Management Services Pathway

Many drone programs are a part of a Fire, Homeland Security or Emergency Management program

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Hoke County High School – Raeford, NC: Click Here

Contact – James Bethea james.bethea@hcs.k12.nc.us 

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Starting a Drone program? Need more info? Reach out to our specialist Wayne Bailey:

FAA 107 is a part of the piloting process to be licensed. Blue Ridge Drones can work with school systems to offer such training for instructors. Larger systems can get all their instructors done together.

Reach out to your Ag, Engineering and Film CTAE programs as they also can offer this traing to their students. 

The 107 course offered by Blue Ridge – This course prepares public safety/emergency responders for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)/Drone flight certification. Topics include flight theory, flight operations, and flight training utilizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide, Learners will gain an introduction to commercial, government, and recreational drone applications. Coursework will highlight topics such as regulations, weather, airspace, human factors, and sUAS performance. There will also be an opportunity for hands-on flying drones. Upon completion, students will be prepared to sit for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test.

Rach out to Wayne. He is the guru of all things drones – wayne.bailey59@gmail.com 

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These educators have volunteered to help you. Feel free to reach out with questions. This is your network!

LAPSEN National Drones Specialist – Wayne Bailey

Learn more about Wayne – Click Here for his Linkedin

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Email Wayne – Click Here

Wayne is heading up this new technology. Drones are increasingly appearing in Public Safety Applications.

NCDPI Specialist on Drones – David Barbour

Learn more about David – Click Here for his Linkedin

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Email David – Click Here

David is a trailblazer in drone instruction in CTE. He is also becoming quite the drone pilot.

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