Departments of Education and Career and Technical Education Units at the State Level

LAPSEN offers a number of options that states can choose from. These options are predicated on the notion that different states are at different points relative to their Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (LPSCS) Career Cluster. Some will have very few career programs; others, 100s. Some states will want to ensure that its programs get full value from LAPSEN, others may want to leave it up to the individual career programs to derive benefits from LAPSEN programs. Therefore, LAPSEN provides a range of options to handle the differences.

State benefits for joining – All state options include the following benefits:

  • Board membership with voting rights, involvement in LAPSEN policy, planning and development
  • Option to run for Executive Committee offices and Cohort Representative
  • E-newsletters for all program instructors and administrators
  • 10% discounts on LAPSEN conferences, workshop and specialized meetings
  • Access to the members-only section of the website for all LPS instructors and their administrators

State Responsibilities as a LAPSEN partner – Irrespective of the option chosen, participating states will be required to do the following:

  • Share their LPS curriculum, lesson plans, instructor material and related resources with the other participating states
  • Designate a person with decision making authority to serve on the LAPSEN Board as well as an alternate to serve when the primary designee is unable to represent his/her state at a Board meeting.

The State Options

  • Category One – These are states with 50 or more secondary education LPS career programs. Contribution: $1500.
  • Category Two– These are states with between 25 and 50 secondary education LPS career programs. Contribution: $1000.
  • Category Three – These are states with fewer than 25 secondary education LPS career programs. Contribution: $500.
  • Category Four – These are states with 10 or less secondary education LPS programs or have offered LPS programs for only a few years or just beginning to offer LPS programs. Contribution optional.

Add-ons for the options listed above

  • Any participating state may add to their annual contribution all their post-secondary LPS programs at a cost of $500.

Interested states should contact LAPSEN at 

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