Courses & Standards


LAPSEN uses a standard taxonomy for referencing standards and elements within courses.

IPLS-2-2-A is an example of this system of taxonomy. It would lead you to the element on CPR. 

  • ILPS = Course – Introduction to Law and Public Safety
    • First 2 = Section – Section 2: Community Emergency Response Training
      • Second 2 = Standard – Standard 2: Demonstrate the steps of Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid
        • A = ElementA. Demonstrate cardiopulmonary resuscitation on an infant, a child, and an adult 

Introduction to Law & Public Safety (ILPS)

The first of the courses LAPSEN has developed, this course allows states to construct their own concept of the introduction course. Like a buffet, states can choose which parts they would like to adopt, but are not required to use any standards in any particular order.

  • ILPS contents and standards – Click Here
  • ILPS Instructor Resources & Lesson Plans (members only) – Click Here
  • Prerequisites – none

Law Enforcement (LE)

Law Enforcement prepares individuals to perform the duties of police and public security officers, including patrol and investigative activities, traffic control, crowd control, public relations, witness interviewing, evidence collection and management, court procedures and the law in general. Basic crime prevention methods, weapon and equipment operation, equipment maintenance, and other routine law enforcement responsibilities are also included.

  • LE contents and standards – in review stage pending approval 
  • LE Instructor Resources & Lesson Plans (members only) – coming soon
  • LE Certification – National Law Enforcement Certification
  • Prerequisites – Introduction to Law & Public Safety 

Future Course Development

Below are courses LAPSEN will be developing in the near future. If you would like to be a part of developing a course, email us:


Proposed Courses

Intermediate Courses:

  • Law Enforcement 
  • Fire Science 1
  • Emergency Medical 1
  • Dispatcher 
  • Homeland Security 1
  • Law and Legal Services 1

Advanced Courses:

  • Advanced Policing
  • Certified Protection Officer
  • Corrections
  • Fire Science 2
  • Forensics 
  • Emergency Medical 2
  • Homeland Security 2
  • Law and Legal Services 2

Elective Courses:

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems