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LAPSEN Memberships

Why Join LAPSEN?

The reasons for joining LAPSEN typical revolve around the organization you are associated with. The organizations that choose to partner with LAPSEN are typically state education departments, non-profit associations, post secondary institutions, secondary schools, and for profit businesses. Individuals whose organizations have not joined may also become members. 

How to Join LAPSEN

State DOE and CTAE Sections – Click Here

Departments of education and CTE units join LAPSEN because they want to partner with other LAPSEN members to develop curriculum and related resources. Such partnering saves money as the cost for development is shared. LAPSEN also offers many free or low-cost resources which are available from partnering states and other members. Each member state also allows all its LPSCS instructors and administrators to become members and thus access curriculum and network with others around the country. There are partnering options for states with varying numbers of LPSCS career programs at the secondary school level.

Post-Secondary Education – Click Here

Post-secondary education institutions join because they often offer LPSCS courses to secondary school students or want to increase what they offer. By partnering with LAPSEN they also can participate in curriculum development and will have access to curriculum already developed. As with all partners they can register their instructors and administrators as members thus making them eligible for an array of benefits.

Non-Profit Professional Associations – Click Here

Non-profit professional associations partner with LAPSEN so that resources of both organizations can be mutually shared. For the partnering non-profit the resources they offer can be made more widely known to LAPSEN members. They also partner so that they too can have input into LAPSEN policy and planning. There is no cost for non-profits as the non-profit and LAPSEN enter into an agreement to share certain resources and information with each other’s members.

School Districts, Schools (public & private) & Career Programs – Click Here

School districts, schools (public and private), and individual career programs typically join when their state is not a member. By joining they too can register their instructors and administrators to receive all of LAPSEN benefits including access to curriculum used a all the LPSCS pathways.

For-Profit Organizations – Click Here

For-Profit organizations join because they believe that they have products or services that would be of use to LAPSEN members–primarily LPSCS instructors and administrators. To become a member, however, at least one state has to sponsor the for-profit and at least two career programs have to be using their products or services successfully.

Individuals – Click Here

There is also an individual option. Individual become members because their state or school has not yet become a member. These individuals want to have access to the same resources that schools and states provide the instructors and administrators that they register.