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Legal Services Pathway

These educators have volunteered to help you. Feel free to reach out with questions. This is your network!

LAPSEN National Legal Services Pathway Specialist

Debra Fraysure-McCormick, JD 

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Debra teaches legal services at Alliance Academy in Cumming, Georgia. She was an attorney in corporate work before working as a court advocate for juveniles.

Debra is our guru of all things legal services!

TAGG Team Members

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Shannon Rollins 

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Shannon studied law at Emory University with an emphasis in taxation. For the last 15 years she has been teaching high school.

Liz Everidge

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Liz has extensive experience in dispatch and emergency services. She has been teaching for two decades.

Pathway Materials & Resources

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Courses and Standards

LAPSEN Courses and Standards – Click Here 

Georgia Law Enforcement Pathway with Courses – Click Here

Law Services Pathway

Knowledge & Skills Statements (PDFExcel)

Plan of Study (PDFExcel)

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Program Examples

Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial High School – Miami Florida: Click Here

Alliance Academy for Innovation – Cumming, Georgia: Click Here