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Law & Public Safety

Program Certification

Note: this is a working draft. We are working with Georgia to create this process.

If your state would like to work with LAPSEN on program certification email us.

Feel free to reach out with questions:

Law and Public Safety (LPS) Industry Certification:
Teacher Resources 2020-2021

America needs the best Law and Public Safety (LPS) programs to serve our communities. Our students deserve it. Our agencies depend upon it. The LAPSEN LPS Industry Certification process is designed to make the best better. Applicant programs will demonstrate competencies across several standards in the course of a year. LAPSEN specialist assist applicant programs through the year with training, guides and mentorship. Presently Industry Certification is being piloted in Georgia, but will soon be available nationwide. 

Certification Support Team

Sandra Martin

Georgia LPS Program Specialist 

Tom Washburn

Master Teacher & LAPSEN Executive Director

Bob DiPietro 

National Fire Science Pathway Specialist

Timothy Hart

National Law Enforcement Pathway Specialist

Lance Bohn

National Corrections Pathway Specialist

Jeff Branyon 

National Forensics Specialist


When a program becomes industry certified, it receives a “stamp of excellence” which represents the apex of program quality. Only those programs that have successfully undergone rigorous reviews by leaders from business and industry are recognized with this distinction. Certification is for 5 years. After 5 years certified programs go through a follow up review that is less rigorous, but very thorough to make sure programs are still of the highest quality. 


  • Classrooms and labs which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • CTAE and academic performance standards that are aligned to national standards
  • In-depth, project-based instruction in all curriculum areas
  • Appropriate and varied Career Related Education (CRE) instruction
  • Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) which offer co-curricular competitive events on the local, state and national level and provide leadership development skills for personal and professional growth
  • Business, industry and community involvement in all aspects of the program


  • Program improvement through grants (available in some states( and administrative prioritization
  • The student is ensured participation in a program that has been carefully interfaced with current industry standards thus helping to increase their qualifications toward successful employment.
  • The curriculum and the delivery method for that curriculum taught to students are improved and updated enabling the student to receive high quality instruction.
  • The school is viewed as having exceptional programs. Through the industry certification process, schools are better able to align curriculum with recognized standards to aid with providing better career opportunities for students.
  • Communities understand that schools which pursue this distinction are committed to improving student preparation and ensuring that Georgia’s workforce meets the demands of the 21st century.
  • It represents that they have had meaningful involvement in public education and have contributed to the development of a highly-skilled, future workforce for Georgia.



Application to Apply for Industry Certification

Click Here to review the Georgia Application for Industry Certification. We limit the number of applicants each year to make sure we can complete the process with excellent support to applicants and attention to detail in the review process. Our review teams are selected from a pool of national program specialists. Note – Georgia applicants only at this point.

Georgia Applicants

Click Here to review Georgia Industry Certification information. Georgia applicants are encouraged to coordinate with their county CTE staff.


Click Here to see a timeline to certify in 2022. In the first year you will review to be ready. In the end of the first year you will apply to be selected for the process. The second year is the year you will complete the process and be reviewed.



Here is more about how we evaluate our programs. More detail is available. 

Program Goals & Objectives

Mission, Goals for LPS Program, Promotion Materials, Public Relations

Teacher Qualifications

Philosophy, License, certifications, credentials, POW, professional development, conferences, memberships


Courses, Standards, Syllabi, EOPA Pass rates, Certifications, Student Graduation Info traditional vs non-traditional students, demographics


CEP Application, evidence of leadership and participation, POW


Lab layout square footage, teacher office, and accommodations in lab

Equipment & Supplies

essential equipment needed

Advisory Council

members lists, Council roles, Calendar of Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, Support from members – short range vs long range goals timeline, marketing

Career Guidance

Partnerships, Internships, Student Plan of Study, WBL opportunities, Post-Secondary partnerships, articulations and dual enrollment, training for post-secondary options,