Forensics & Forensic Science

These educators have volunteered to help you. Feel free to reach out with questions. This is your network!

LAPSEN National Forensic Specialist

Marshal Jeff Branyon 

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Jeff is a former agent and current Marshal. He brings extensive industry expertice and oversees our training in forensics.

LAPSEN National Forensic Science Specialist

Gerry Nelms 

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Gerry is a high school forensic science teacher. He will head up our outreach and support for science teachers teaching forensics.

TAGG Team Memebers

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HS and College Forensics

Stacey Hervey

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Stacey teaches high school and college courses in Denver. She enjoys mentoring teachers.

HS and Elementary Forensics

Linnell Burton

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Linnell teaches high school in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has a company with children’s forensics books and camp materials.

HS and College Forensics

Shad Coanestrino

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Shad has extensive professional experience in investigations and forensics. 

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Forensics & Forensic Science 

Forensics is not a pathway in itself. It is often a part of LE Pathways

There has been an explosion of forensic science courses in science departments.

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Program Examples

If you know of a forensics high school or post secondary program please email us to feature it here