Emergency 9-1-1 Communications and Dispatch

Recommended Emergency 9-1-1 Communications and Dispatch (ECD) Pathway

The courses below are recommended by our Board and network of industry experts. Each course link will lead to a page with lesson plans, national standards, and resources. For more information, feel free to email info@laspen.org


Introduction Course – Introduction to Law and Public Safety (ILPS)

It is recommended that a ECD pathway begin with a broad based introduction to the law and public safety system. ECD professionals are a key part of the larger law and public system, so a critical starting point for the pathway is an exploration of the larger ecosystem the ECD lives in. Additionally, it is advised that a high school pathway in ECD not become so specific to ECD exclusively that participants are not exposed to other elements in LPS. The broader approach helps with marketing to encourage students to enroll.

Visit our Introduction to Law and Public Safety course page – with lesson plansClick Here

Core Course – Emergency Communications & Dispatch (ECD)

Being Designed

We hope to have a full one year course in ECD ready for Fall of 2024.

Presently we have a well designed supplement that fits well into Introduction courses or can be added into other advanced course offerings. 

Visit our NECI Basic 9-1-1 supplemental page – with lesson plans Click Here

Please note: All NECI materials are intellectual property of NECI. To access these materials you must be enrolled or have completed NECI Basic 9-1-1 Instructor Training.  Click Here to learn more. 

Third+ Course Options

Note – we are in the middle of major updates. We hope to have everything ready by the end of spring. 

LAPSEN recommends pathways have flexibility for local systems to adjust to local needs. It is also recommended that a “deeper dive” into SPS-related content come from dual enrollment opportunities, if possible. The SPS course covers secondary educational needs adequately. To maximize student career preparation, engagement, and marketing it is suggested to offer courses similar to those listed below to complete the pathway.

Option 1 – Law Enforcement (LE)

The Law Enforcement course may be the best option. There are numerous crossovers in skill sets and practices. The Law Enforcement course prepares individuals to perform the duties of police and security officers, including patrol and investigative activities, traffic control, crowd control, public relations, witness interviewing, evidence collection and management, court procedures and the law in general. Basic crime prevention methods, weapon and equipment operation, equipment maintenance, and other routine law enforcement responsibilities are also included.

Visit our Law Enforcement course page – Click Here (page is under revision and should be completed by spring)

Option 2 – Criminal Investigations and Forensics (CIF)

CIF is another great option as it is both marketable and industry is demanding more investigation skills for career candidates. Students will learn how crimes are investigated in America. Hands on skills in crime scene processing and recording will be covered as well as evidence handling. Students will learn how investigations are initiated and conducted as well as how constitutional restraints guide investigations. Techniques in interviews and interrogations will be practiced. Students will also learn about criminological theories and how they are applied to the investigation process.

Visit our Criminal Investigations and Forensics course page – Click Here (page is under revision and should be completed by spring)

Option 3 – Drones for Law and Public Safety (DLPS)

Bring some excitement to your pathway! This course prepares students for certifications to operate drones in the law and public safety environment. Drones are increasingly used in SPS areas. First students will complete the necessary training to be prepared to pass the FAA 107 Pilot test. Students will then train in remote sensing and photogrammetry. Students will learn how to prepare and plan for law and public safety drone operations. A significant portion of the course time will be dedicated to developing flight skills and performing maneuvers necessary for such operations. Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology national standard performance test for unmanned aerial vehicles, students will train for real world applications.

Visit our Drones for Law and Public Safety course page – Click Here  (page is under revision and should be completed by spring)

Public Safety Options

LASPEN is working on several public safety courses that would compliment this course. These should be available by fall of 2024.

Visit our overall course page – Click Here  (page is under revision and should be completed by spring)

Industry Recognized Credential (IRC) for the ECD Pathway

National Basic 9-1-1 Dispatch Certification

LAPSEN has collaborated with NECI 9-1-1 to offer national credentials in emergency dispatch to LPS students. The NECI 9-1-1 Dispatcher certification is recognized by dozens of states & hosts of agencies.

This certification meets the following national 9-1-1 standards:

  • APCO ANSI National Public Safety 9-1-1 Training Standard
  • NENA 56-004 – TTY/TDD Call Handling Standard
  • NENA 56-005 – NENA Call Answering Standard
  • NFPA 1061

The NECI certification satiates all Perkins legislative requirements for Industry Recognized Credentials. 

Learn more about the certification – Click Here or email holly@lapsen.org 


Pathway Materials & Resources

Industry Recognized Credential – we offer credentialing that meets Perkins V requirements: Click Here

Full Curriculum – available to those completing instructor certification. Password protected – NECI proprietary: Click Here

The National Survey of 911 Dispatch Certification Programs: A Reference Guide – A resource from LAPSEN  Click Here


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Program Examples

Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy – Las Vegas, Nevada: Click Here 

Contact – Lori Henricksen henrile1@nv.ccsd.net 

If you know of a dispatch high school or post secondary program please email us to feature it here

Courses and Standards

Dispatch Supplement – can be added to any LPS course standards: Click Here

National Course ListClick Here

Most dispatch programs are a part of a Fire, Homeland Security or Emergency Management program



These educators and industry specialist have volunteered to help you. They are your network of support. 

LAPSEN National Dispatch Pathway Specialist: Heather Joyner

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Heather is our representative and lead instructor in 9-1-1 Dispatch.

TAGG Team Members

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Liz Everidge

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Liz has extensive experience in dispatch and emergency services. She has been teaching for two decades.

Lori Henricksen

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Lori has extensive experience in dispatch and law enforcement. She is retired from teaching and now runs BX3 Public Safety consulting.