Youth to Industry Career Pipeline

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Building the Pipeline

In 2019 there were 81,000 openings in law enforcement careers alone. In 2022 there were nearly 620,000 students enrolled in high school and technical college Law and Public Safety (LPS) courses. 268,000 were “concentrators” meaning they are committed to the path of study. If you take a low estimate that 25% of concentrators will enter LPS careers and that about half graduate each year, then there are over 80,000 available a year. And that is a very conservative estimate. 

But we lose them. 18 year olds out of high school have limited options in LPS careers. Even tech school graduates may have to wait a year or longer to get through the application process. If this were a funnel – it has way too many holes. LAPSEN, in conjunction with some very foward thinking agencies and schools, is trying to make that funnel into a pipeline. Work Based Learning (WBL), cadet programs, career academies, CTE programs, and many other options are out there. The parts just need assembly. 

The National Guide for Youth Development and Recruitment in Law Enforcement and Related Careers


Building on the work done at LAPSEN’s National Conference in Phoenix last year, a group of instructors and law enforcement personnel are developing a National Guide. The Guide will provide models and recommendations for engaging the community and its schools in developing youth who are interested in careers in public safety. Actual examples will show the range of approaches available as well as the barriers to overcome.

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The communities, agencies and schools involved are the following:

  • Aurora, IL
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Catoosa, GA
  • Columbus, OH (pending)
  • Hartford, CT
  • Kentucky State Police (pending)
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Murietta, CA
  • Oklahoma City
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Tucson, AZ
  • US Customs and Border Protection

These communities will provide examples of the pipelines they currently employ. Each pipeline contains four tiers.

Tier 1: Youth Engagement –pre-high school age

Tier 2: School Career (CTE) programs and law enforcement led programs such as Explorers

Tier 3: Bridge Positions and Internships

Tier 4: Law Enforcement Academies and Field training.

Project Coordinator 

For more information, become a reviewer or suggest a pipeline program contact Joe Coffee at or call 571-488-8986