Diversity Celebration

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This page is a place to share resources to educate our students on the contributions of all people to our great nation. It is also a place to share lessons that expand awareness and sensitivity. Feel free to submit resources, links and ideas – info@lapsen.org 

This is a work in progress – please support our efforts by sharing ideas and resources! 


Explore “implicit bias” in these modules from Ohio State – Click Here 

Latino Heritage Month – September 15-October 15


Dr. Washburn had a PowerPoint he used each day to start class featuring a prominint Latino and Hispanic Americans who contibuted to the LPS community – Click Here


Library of Congress: National Hispanic Heritage Month homepage – click here

U.S. Department of Education: National Hispanic Heritage Month (the bottom has great resources) – click here

NEA Resources Page – Click Here 


Black History Month – February


Dr. Washburn had a PowerPoint he used each day to start class featuring a prominent Black American who contributed to the LPS community – Click Here (note: you have to download the presentation to see all the content)

Gerald Wuchte from Grenbrier HS in Georgia shared his Law Enforcement BHS PPTX. His has some links to several YouTube videos on the last slide. Again – you need to download the PPTX to see all the details. Click Here 


National Law Enforcement Museum has materials – Click Here (thanks Kevin Sparks for the lead!)

Stagecoach Mary Fields – YouTube video on “Toughest Women in the West” – Click Here (thanks Ria Jackson!)

We Are Teachers has a list of some great ideas! #21 is to hold court using key civil rights trials – what a cool idea!. Click Here to Visit

Prodigy Games has some great stuff including some advice on “do’s and dont’s” – Click Here to Visit 

NEA has a great set of ideas with a specific set for 9-12 grade. One link is to the AAAS lesson plan on Variations in Human Skin Color which would be a cool addition to Forensics. Take a look at all the options – Click Here to Visit PBS: 20 Pertinent Classroom Resources for BHM – Click Here

Homeschool Network: 45 Black History Month Resources for Homeschoolers – Click Here