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Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations (CI) Course

The CI course is the advanced course for many pathways. CI is also used as an advanced course in many Law Enforcement Pathways.

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Lesson Plan and Resource Links – UNDER DEVELOPMENT 

Click on any of the sections below to see the standards for that section. Each has links to pages that will list lessons and resources that match that standard or standard’s element.

Most teachers do not teach in order of the standards as they are listed. Most organize the standards in an order that makes sense to them and addresses their local teaching environment. As a result, you may find standards split into multiple units. Ethics is a a good example – as many teachers teach ethics across several units and not on its own.

Not all standards are weighted equally. The course has suggested time to be dedicated to any one section. However, teachers have the discretion to adjust as needed. The main accountability is the course or pathway test. As long as students are learning the material and retaining it, most teachers have flexibility to implement the standards as they see fit.

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Section 1: In Development

Standard 1: