Faces for Free

From Greg Micek, President of Faces:

FACES software: Here is the link to the free demo version of my FACES software.
It only works on windows.

The Game: When you download the software, you will see tabs on the top. The third tab from the left is labelled “Game”. The game involves a face being flashed for five seconds, disappears, then has to be recreated.

The NSF Study: This study validates that the FACES game increases concentration and focus. 


The Daily Sketch Competition idea: 
We can issue a sketch each day and have all the kids try to match the sketch.
Each sketch has its own binary code, so you will easily be able to identify the winners.
Again, the demo is free.
Here is my websit:e: www.facialcomposites.com
Here is the software in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQHhIVSKOS8&t=45s&authuser=0

Lesson plans

Here is a lesson plan for using Faces – Click Here