IP 41 Law and Justice 1 Course Development

Unit 11: Agency Administration

Unit Details

  • Course Weight: 5%
  • Hours of Instruction: 8+/-
  • Course Assessment Questions: 5
  • Standard: The Learner will be able to understand agency administration (RBT: B2)


  1. Identify and discuss the core operational strategies of police departments.
  2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the policing rank structure.
  3. Assess a scenario and apply event management and crisis emergency protocols
  4. Discuss the need for police management and accountability.

My Lesson

  • Feel free to use my plans as a guide. My course is based on 52 minute class periods.
  • My students in the first year course are 9th or 10th graders.
  • These materials may need updating. Be sure to check web links.
  • Being this is at the end of the year – I put the students through the problem solving of LE administration
  • Dirty War was a HBO movie made with the BBC. It is an amazingly accurate portrayal of a dirty bomb. I stop the media right as the bomb detonates and I give the students 20 minutes to brief the Minster of London on what she should do.


Daily Outline

  1. Notes on Administration
  2. Group assignment on event management
  3. Group assignment on event management
  4. Group assignment on event management
  5. Terrorism articles and notes
  6. Media: Dirty War pt 1
  7. Terrorism project
  8. Media: Dirty War pt 2
  9. Wrap up discussion

My Dropbox

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Additional Resources

CTE Online

Offers free online content for teachers. Registration required.

  • None for this unit


Texas Education Agency has online teacher materials for Texas courses.

  • Unit 5: Crisis Management, Unit 16: Emergency Management, Unit 17: Explosives & Unit 18: NIMS Click Here


  • Ready.gov crisis planning for business Click Here