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National Law Enforcement Certification

for Secondary & Post-Secondary Students

Status: Pilot

We are excited to see you are interested in the National Law Enforcement Certification. It is presently not completed. If you are interested in being a part of the pilot, email us  There is no cost for participating in the pilot. 

To learn more about the pilot – Click Here

Law & Justice Knowledge Competency

YouScience is excited to partner with LAPSEN in creating the first LAPSEN Law Enforcement Capstone Certification. We have been working together with Subject Matter Experts from around the country to create a certification that is relevant and valuable to your students and the industry.

YouScience (formally Precision Exams) has been in the high school certification industry for over 10 years. Enabling students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge – and graduate with valuable certifications as key signifiers of qualified talent. The certification is a direct representation of the competencies that were created by LAPSEN Subject Matter Experts, with extensive experience in the field of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, and teaching these subjects in schools.

Cost: $18 LAPSEN Members, $21 Non-LAPSEN Members


Youscience and LAPSEN partnered starting in 2019 to design a state of the art assessment that would be industry recognized.

We worked with an amazing team of subject experts, master teachers and experienced instructors to create the best certification assessment possible.

To review the FULL competencies – Click Here 

Additional Certifications

Once a student passes the knowledge assessment, they are able to add additional competency certifications to achieve additional levels. Completing all three of the following would earn the student Gold Level Certification. Earning two would earn silver. Earning one results in bronze. It is up to the local program to decide if they will offer these options. 

Technical Skills Competency

LAPSEN is working with industry and instructors nationwide to create technical rubrics to evaluate student competencies. Once completed, these rubrics will be available for instructors to access for free. LASPEN hopes these rubrics will be used in class for instruction and assessment as well as in competitions.

The school law enforcement program will choose five of the technical competencies to be evaluated. The Authorized School Official (ASO) will complete the rubrics linked to each competency. Students will be scored accordingly. Students may only test once every thirty days.

Student must score an average of 80% or higher across the five evaluations. A student may not score lower than a 70% on any evaluation.

Fitness Competencies

Fitness is an important part of accessing a career in law enforcement. If a local program has a fitness program and the student has demonstrated proficiency, that can serve to satiate this competency. The program instructor can submit their program with proficency scales to LAPSEN for approval.

LAPSEN has developed a fitness test. The LAPSEN fitness test is based upon data from American Pediatrics, the Presidential Fitness Test and several police department fitness requirements. The target age was 17 years old.

Fitness assessment must follow industry standards and protocols shared below. The links provided will provide guidance for preparation as well as assessment.


Competency Requirements

Test Male Female
Sit Ups 50 40
Push Ups 38 17
Mile Run 6:45 9:00
Pull Ups 8 n/a
Flex Arm Hang n/a 00:14

Competency Protocol and Standards

  • FBI Protocol and Standards for Sit Ups – Click Here
  • FBI Protocol and Standards for Push Ups – Click Here
  • FBI Protocol and Standards for Pull Ups – Click Here
  • West Point Protocol and Standards for Flex Arm Hang – Click Here

Communication Competencies

The ability to communicate is critically essential to success in law enforcement. Communication for our purposes includes cultural awareness and sensitivities, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills as well as personal success skill sets.

Schools with a certification program already in place can work with LAPSEN to see if it is compatible with this certification process.

SkillsUSA Career Essentials Credential and Microburst Employers’ Choice Certificate are both approved to satiate this credential. Both have LAPSEN membership special pricing. 

Certification Process