LAPSEN National Preconference

November 27, 2023 ~ Phoenix, Arizona

In conjunction with ACTE Vision

Pre-Conference Offerings

All preconference courses are on Monday 11/27 from 08:00 to 17:00 with a break for lunch at 11:30.

All preconference courses are $349. There is a minimum enrollment required to offer a course.

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CSI for the Classroom

Learn how to teach crime scene processing. Add some cool activities to class or prep your SkillsUSA team. The course prepares you for teaching the basics.

The course will start with a basic crime scene and review all the steps in processing from initial approach to evidence collection. A combination of lecture and hands on activities, this course is aimed at the CSI novice. Resources, lesson plans, and tips of the trade are all included.

Former Special Agent Jeff Branyon (lead investigator of serial killer Gary Hilton) teaches this awesome introduction into teaching CSI in the classroom.

NFPA 2400 Drones Train the Trainer  

This course will certify you to train your students in drones to test for NFPA 2400 certification. You must have FAA part 107 completed before the class.

NFPA 2400 details the minimum requirements for the safe operation, deployment, and implementation of sUAS including organization program criteria and considerations, professional qualifications for safety personnel, and elements of a maintenance program.

Participants must bring a drone. 

To learn more about drone certifications – Click Here

Instructor Wayne Bailey. Wayne is retired from the North Carolina Fire Marshals Office and runs Blue Ridge Mountain Drones.