How to Be a State Representitive 

LAPSEN has a primary goal of positively impacting every state that has LPS programs. We are seeking leaders to help fulfill our vision. If you think you have “the right stuff” email us at

The roles and responsibilities of the state representative:

  • Seek to identify all the LAPSEN related career programs in the state designed for secondary school students including those programs offered by colleges.
  • Upon identification add all required information into LAPSEN’s directory database.
  • Develop a relationship with the state CTE director and/or the person responsible for the LPSCS career cluster programs including law enforcement, corrections, security, law and legal, EMS/EMT, forensic science, drones, 911 dispatchers and related programs.
  • Share with all instructors and other interested parties in the state LAPSEN newsletters and other topics of interest related to LAPSEN or topics of relevance to state LPSCS instructors.
  • Encourage the state to become a full member of LAPSEN.
  • Participate in conference calls/meetings with other state representatives.
  • Join LAPSEN as an individual member and pay the $25 annual membership fee.

Benefits to be derived by being the state, LAPSEN representative:

  • Be recognized as a state leader for those instructors and administrators in the LPSCS Career Clusters.
  • Receive a 25% discount for attending the national conference.
  • Be cited on the LAPSEN website as the state representative and announced as the state leader in an e-newsletter at least once a year
  • After first year of membership all succeeding year memberships are at no cost.