Timeline for 2022 Certification

2020-2021 School Year – Application Year


  • Begin discussions with CTE coordinator in your county and your high school administration
  • Are we ready? Review the documents and checklists. Click Here to review a great checklist from GaDOE.
  • Is financial and administrative support in place? Make a budget.
    • In Georgia there are state grants to support the process, but additional support may be needed
  • If you have never completed the SkillsUSA Chapter of Excellence Program you should start this year. Click Here to learn more.


  • Using the certification documents, begin your first self-assessment.
  • Begin a list of what you need to do to get ready
  • Participate in the Zoom Meeting about Industry Certification for 2021-2022 School Year
  • With your administration, decide if the time is right to apply for consideration as an applicant
  • Watch for announcements from LASPEN
    • In Georgia also check CTAERN & GaDOE


  • Get your LAPSEN Industry Certification application submitted
    • In Georgia – use the process required by GaDOE
    • Don’t miss a deadline
  • Accepted schools will be announced by May


2021-2022 School Year – Certification Year


  • Attend Initial Industry Certification Workshop
  • Plan SkillsUSA activities. Start CEP process.
  • Make a calendar outline for your timeline for success


  • Begin to itemize equipment needs
  • Plan fall Advisory Committee meeting
    • Agenda item – who will serve on visit team
  • October
    • Order all supplies and equipment
    • Hold Advisory Committee meeting


  • Self-evaluate – are you on track? are you missing documentation? do you need help?


  • Work on SkillsUSA CEP application
  • Gather documentation and wrap up fall timeline


  • Attend TIEGA Winter Conference Pre-conference Industry Certification Checkpoint 
  • Plan second Advisory Committee meeting
  • Watch CEP deadlines
  • Arrange checkpoint call
  • Finish up most of application


  • Use Advisory Committee to review your application and make suggestions
  • Plan for SkillsUSA state
  • Finalize everything
  • Plan for team visit
  • Have a practice evaluation. Do a complete run through 


  • Team visits


  • Complete any follow up requested by visiting team


  • May 1st final deadline for all materials
  • Results announced


  • Attend GACTE