LAPSEN National Conference November 2022

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Providing outstanding Employability and Soft Skills Curriculum!

Updated Hotel Information 


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Preconference Seminars – Registration Closed

Monday 11/7 all day & Tuesday 11/8 morning session (for some courses) – check the link for more details.

All Monday preconference sessions are at Stonecreek. The cost includes lunch on Monday.

NFPA 2400 Drones for Law Enforcement 

FAA Drone Pilot 

FAA Drone Pilot PLUS NFPA 2400 

CSI for the Classroom 

Conference Registration 

Registration is $350. Please visit the Store to register.   

Conference Schedule

A more detailed schedule with locations and such is available here – Click Here

Monday 11/7 Preconference 

8:00 Preconference Seminars 

  • CSI for Classroom
  • Drones NFPA 2400

Working Lunch for Seminars

5:00 Seminars End

9:00 Shuttle Pick Up at North Springs MARTA

Note – Shuttle pick up at same time Sunday Night


8:00 FAA Drone Pilot Seminar

12:00 Seminar Ends

1:00 Conference Kick Off 

1:15 Innovation Academy Tours

2:15 First Breakout Sessions

3:15 Breakout Sessions

4:30 Return to Hotel

8:00 Social at EVEN hotel – optional


8:30 Cambridge Law & Justice Tour

9:30 Breakout Sessions

10:30 Break

11:00 Breakout Sessions

12:00 Lunch and Learn 

1:00 Breakout Sessions

2:00 Breakout Session

3:00 Break 

3:30 Breakout Sessions

8:00 Social at EVEN hotel – optional


8:00 FAA Drone Pilot course

8:30 “field trip” to Forsyth County courts and jail 

1:00 Shuttle Run to Atlanta Airport 

Post-conference meetings with LAPSEN are available 


8:00 FAA Drone Pilot course

12:00 All events end

Conference Begins