CPO Instructor Certification 

Note: Teachers have a one year grace period where they can begin teaching CPO and certifying students before being fully certified as a CPO Instructor.

CPO Certification

All instructors must have a CPO certification or a waiver to be able to be instructor level certified.

Anyone who has completed CPO courses with IFPO is ready to get instructor certification. If you have been certified by a state entity in security, even if it has expired, you can be waived from taking the CPO course. Alternatively, if you have three of more years in law enforcement, security or military service specific to security or policing related posts you can request a waiver. You will need to complete and submit a waiver – Click Here. When you register for the Instructor Course (see below) and there will be an option to upload a file – you will upload a pdf of the email from IFPO approving your waiver.

If you have not taken CPO or qualify for a waiver, you will need to complete the CPO course or pass the certification exam. IFPO offers the CPO online. It is a 90 hour course that results in a professional certification in security and protective services. You may also try to test without the class.

CPO Course: $297.50 for LAPSEN members. This includes the CPO test. Click Here to register. Choose “Corporate Member” for LAPSEN discount. This is offered directly by IFPO. Includes Online Course, Online Final Exam, Textbook and 90 hours of certified professional development. A distance delivery option is also available. 

LAPSEN CPO Test Prep AND CPO Test: $250 for LASPEN members. LAPSEN has developed a quick prep course to prepare teachers quickly for success on the CPO. Self paced course with instructor support. 15 hours of certified professional development. When you are ready you can take the CPO proctored by your course instructor. 

CPO Test: $102 for LAPSEN members. If you pass, you are CPO certified. Email Sandi Davies to register – sandidavies@ifpo.org. Tell her you are a LAPSEN instructor. This is offered directly by IFPO. You can purchase the text for $40 – ask Sandi when you register.

The easiest? The LAPSEN online test prep course. This is the quickest and most convenient path to certification. In this online, self paced, course participants learn the critical content needed to prepare for the CPO exam. There is a course instructor you can reach out to while taking the course. Click here to learn more.

Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) Certification

Instructor certification is an 10 hour, 1 day course. It is offered at the LAPSEN National Conference each year. It can be offered by a state or district that has a large number of teachers to train. It is also occasionally offered online. Check the LAPSEN training schedule for dates and locations.

Once completed, instructors will receive:

  • PowerPoints for each unit
  • Instructional resources for each unit
  • Instructor Manual PDF
  • Student Manual PDF

CPOI Course: Click Here to see upcoming courses and information on how to register.

When registering, you will need a copy of your CPO or the email from IFPO approving your waiver. During checkout there will be an upload section – that is where you upload your PDF.

If you are enrolled in the CPO course, you can go ahead and register for the instructor course. Make a PDF of a course email (registration, instructor welcome, etc.) and upload that as proof of enrollment. You MUST be finished with your CPO course BEFORE the instructor course starts.

Note: Teachers have a one year grace period where they can begin teaching CPO and certifying students before being fully certified as a CPO Instructor.


 IFPO mandates all instructors be recertified every two years. The cost is $79. 

Instructors must have 3 hours of professional development.

  • LAPSEN and IFPO host an annual 3 hour class online that covers the PD course requirement for free.
  • Teachers can count courses from industry recognized security and protective services training companies.
  • States and districts can arrange for security and protective services offerings at conferences or professional development events.