CTE Conference 2023

Assessing Success: A Comprehensive Evaluation of CTE Programs

Presentation Description: This presentation aims to provide an overview of the different methods and approaches that can be used to assess the success of CTE programs, as well as the key outcomes that should be measured. We have designed a tool for evaluating Law and Public Safety (LPS) programs but are relevant to most CTE programs. We have piloted the process in California and Georgia.

National Accreditation Packet for California


This packet was designed for California Law and Public Safety (LPS) programs. Click Here to review the packet.

Feel free to review the packet during the presentation. Email tom@lapsen.org for more information.

For accreditation information in other states – Click Here

Presentation Activites

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LAPSEN National Accreditation Standards 

I. Organization and Administration Indicators

II: Instructional Staff

III. Facilities, Equipment & Safety

IV. Curriculum and Instruction

V. Student Preparation

VI. Advisory Committee, Industry and Community