Lesson Plan: Ethics

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Ethics Project

From Oren Barnes 

Research Paper on Inclusion in Ethics- Click Here 

Presentations – Click Here 

Worksheet – Click Here 


Ethics Unit 

From Thomas Washburn

This lesson plan is designed for the Introduction to ILPSCS course in Georgia that covers all LPSCS areas. The lesson plan is focused on Law Enforcement, but can be adjusted. This plan is paced for a 55 minute class period. This course is usually 9th & 10th graders.

Unit Badge


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Learn more about Police Ethics by reading this Police Chiefs Desk Reference from IACP –Click Here to Open 

Daily Plan

To view the written lesson plan – Click Here to Open 

To get a unit poster – Click Here to Open

Day 1:

Vocab packets – Click Here to Open Packet

Vocab Wordle – Click Here to Open Wordle 

Activity in Google Slides – Click Here to Open Slide Show

  1. Start by having students list important “qualities” for a police officer to have. This is Slide 3.
  2. Discuss
  3. Have students rank from 1st for most trustworthy to 10 for least trustworthy, the jobs listed. Each number should be used once (i.e. #1 Physician, #2 Peace Officer…). This is Slide 4
  4. Discuss
  5. Distribute vocabulary packets to finish period.

Day 2:

  1. Vocabulary quiz – mine is online so I can’t put it here
  2. Slide 7 I talk about the differences between Morals and Ethics
  3. Slide 8 we review simple ethics tests
  4. Slide 9 we review the “Oath of Honor” video from IAPC. Click Here to Open 
  5. We then review the Code of Ethics, particularly talking about the higher standard for Public Safety
  6. Comparison activity – Students fill out the Code of Ethics Comparisons – Click Here to Open. The links for each ethics document is on the Google Slide.

Day 3:

  1. I compare Thermometer People to Thermostat People. We talk about how young people are more Thermometers, but should strive to become Thermostats.
  2. We role play. I stress that people entering LPSCS NEED to be ethical! 
  3. We talk about why police can become corrupt.
  4. We review the types of corruption.

Day 4: 

  1. We open up with how can corruption occur in other LPSCS fields. 
  2. I talk a little about Excessive Force, but we cover this more later in the year.
  3. We talk about how widespread corruption can be and the influence of cash money from drugs being a factor. 
  4. We over how it can be reduced and the impact of corruption 
  5. I close by talking about the quote from King Solomon
  6. I assign the news assignment. Depending on time – this might go into another day. Click Here to Open Assignment

Day 5:

Corruption presentations – depending on how time went, you might be able to start this at the beginning of the period. If you have more than one student on an assigned corruption case, after they have all done their research I tell them to make a news script. One person is the news anchor in the studio, one is the reporter in the field. They both have to talk. I use the projected backgrounds on the board to make it fun. I get a fake microphone for them to use. 

Day 6:

Corruption Presentations – continued 

Day 7:

Review – Click Here to Open My Review 

Day 8:

Test – Click Here to Open My Test – Note: the format is bad due to this being from my online test. 

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