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North Carolina IP 41

This is the main resource page for IP41 for North Carolina. It closely matches the LAPSEN LE course. Most materials are applicable to other states. If you have any questions or find dead links or similar, email

We encourage you to submit YOUR lesson plans and resources to share. Reach out to to learn more. 

Click on the standard to go to the resource page for that standard. There you will find resources that could include lessons, links and more. Submitting your material will help us grow this project! 

# Standard
1.00 Understand history, crime awareness & causes of crime.
   1.01 Understand the history of law enforcement.
   1.02 Understand Bill of Rights and the rights of citizens and police.
   1.03 Understand causes of crime and Uniform Crime Reporting.
2.00 Understand law, criminal justice and trial proceedings.
   2.01 Understand general provisions of criminal and case law.
   2.02 Understand the criminal justice system .
   2.03 Understand the trial process.
3.00 Understand correctional and juvenile systems.
   3.01 Understand the corrections system.
   3.02 Understand the juvenile justice system.
4.00 Understand procedures of arrest in law enforcement.
   4.01 Understand laws of arrest.
   4.02 Understand laws of search and seizure.
5.00 Understand procedures of ethics used in law enforcement.
   5.01 Understand agency policies.
   5.02 Understand professional ethics in law enforcement.
6.00 Apply procedures for traffic investigation used in law enforcement.
   6.01 Apply procedures in traffic enforcement and vehicle stops.
   6.02 Apply procedures in accident/crash investigation.
   6.03 Apply procedures in driving while impaired investigations. 
7.00 Apply procedures used in crime scene investigation.
   7.01 Apply procedures used in crime scene processing.
   7.02 Apply procedures used in handling evidence.
   7.03 Understand evidence specialization.  
8.00 Understand patrol tactics & investigative work.
   8.01 Understand basic law enforcement skills and knowledge.
   8.02 Understand the types of patrols.
   8.03 Understand types of calls for service.
   8.04 Apply procedures for patrol investigations. 
   8.05 Understand patrol supervision.
9.00 Apply procedures used in career planning in law enforcement.
   9.01 Apply personal qualifications and skills needed in law enforcement careers.
   9.02 Understand career opportunities in law enforcement.
   9.03 Understand past, present, and future trends in law enforcement.