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North Carolina IP 11

This is the main resource page for the 2021 revision of IP11 for North Carolina. Certainly all materials are applicable to other states. If you have any questions or find dead links or similar, email

We encourage you to submit YOUR lesson plans and resources to share. Reach out to to learn more. 

Click on the standard to go to the resource page for that standard. There you will find resources that could include lessons, links and more. Submitting your material will help us grow this project! 

“Supplemental” – this content is not required in North Carolina, but may be added. Resources for these standards are on other locations on the website. 

Standard # Standard Course Weight
1.00 Understand common concepts in law and public safety – Click Here  29%
       1.01 Understand basic knowledge needed in law and public safety 19%
       1.02 Understand FEMA IS-700: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System 2%
       1.03 Understand FEMA IS-100: Introduction to Incident Command System , ICS 100 2%
       1.04 Understand FEMA IS-200: Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response. 2%
       1.05 Understand FEMA IS-800: National Response Framework, An Introduction. 2%
       1.06 Apply a procedure to develop a personal plan for a career in public safety 2%
2.00 Apply procedures need in used in Community Emergency Response Teams (no resources)  Supplemental
3.00 Understand American civic principles – Click Here 3%
4.00 Understand the court system – Click Here 4%
5.00 Understand the Criminal Justice System – Click Here 4%
6.00 Understand the juvenile system (no resources)  Supplemental
7.00 Understand careers in law enforcement – Click Here 11%
8.00 Understand careers in correction services (no resources)  Supplemental
9.00 Understand careers in law and legal services (no resources)  Supplemental
10.00 Understand careers in fire fighting services – Click Here 10%
11.00 Understand careers in emergency medical response – Click Here 11%
12.00 Understand careers in security and protective services – Click Here 9%
13.00 Understand basic skills in forensics (no resources)  Supplemental
14.00 Understand careers in 9-1-1 Telecommunication – Click Here 10%
15.00 Understand careers in emergency management services & homeland security – Click Here 9%

Old Resources 

These are materials from previous versions of IP11

Liz Everidge Google Drive – Click Here