IP 41 Law and Justice 1 Course Development

Unit 12: Ethics

Unit Details

  • Course Weight: 4%
  • Hours of Instruction: 6+/-
  • Course Assessment Questions: 4
  • Standard: The Learner will be able to understand ethics in law and justice (RBT: B2)


  1. Identify unethical and illegal actions in police work.
  2. Discuss the law enforcement officers’ code of ethics
  3. Explore the various reasons for police corruption.
  4. Appraise the forms of police misconduct other than corruption.
  5. Identify the effects of police corruption and brutality.

My Lesson

  • Feel free to use my plans as a guide. My course is based on 52 minute class periods.
  • My students in the first year course are 9th or 10th graders.
  • These materials may need updating. Be sure to check web links.
  • Ethics can be brutally boring. I try to apply the concepts to student challenges to integrity.
  • This is the last unit – and also when the students are presenting their research projects – as well as finals.
  • I use still use an old Rodney King video – but there are so many events since then you can use for this unit.
  • I like teaching ethics at the end of the course as the students are more educated on police work.


Daily Outline

  1. Notes
  2. Comparison assignment
  3. Notes
  4. Media: The Rodney King Incident
  5. Media: The Rodney King Incident
  6. Review, discussion
  7. Test

My Dropbox

All the files I used in the this unit can be viewed and downloaded. To print, be sure to download first. Click Here.


Additional Resources

CTE Online

Offers free online content for teachers. Registration required.

  • None for this unit


Texas Education Agency has online teacher materials for Texas courses.



  • Community Oriented Policing Services (DOJ) Ethics and Integrity Click Here
  • Law Enforcement Code of Ethics for Aberdeen, NC Click Here
  • Law Enforcement Oath of Honor media