Law and Public Safety Introductory Level Competency

An Industry Recognized Credential

Law and Public Safety Introductory Level Competency

YouScience is excited to partner with LAPSEN in creating the first Law and Public Safety Introductory Level Competency Certification. We have been working together with Subject Matter Experts from around the country to create a certification that is relevant and valuable to your students and the industry. This foundation certification verifies students have mastered introductory knowledge on their path to industry. 

YouScience has been in the high school certification industry for over 10 years. Enabling students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge – and graduate with valuable certifications as key signifiers of qualified talent. The certification is a direct representation of the competencies that were created by LAPSEN Subject Matter Experts, with extensive experience in the field of Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and teaching these subjects in schools.

This credential aligns with the LAPSEN Introduction course standards and supporting lesson plans, curricula and resources.

Cost: $15 LAPSEN Members, $18 Non-LAPSEN Members

Cut Score – 70

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Support Materials 

Unlike anyone in CTE, LAPSEN provides the most materials and resources for instructors to prepare their students for 1) entry level career success and 2) industry recognized credential attempts


This IRC supports Standards for Introduction to Law & Public Safety from LAPSEN.

Lesson Plans

Supporting lessons for this credential are available to LAPSEN members.


Terms and Concepts to review for the LPSILC. Review activities should be in each unit.

Instructor Training

There is no required certification for teachers preparing students for this credential.

There is no required train the trainer for teachers for this credential.

Regular training keeping instructors updated in the field is highly encouraged. To see upcoming training for topics covered in this credential – Click Here

Law and Public Safety Introductory Level Competency Capstone Competencies

This is an outline of the test design. Instructors can use this to crosswalk their instruction to ensure they are covering the necessary content. This is also useful to have students create a review for the certification as they progress through the course content.

Standard: Understand common concepts in law and public safety

Standard: Understand American civics principles

Standard: Understand the court system

Standard: Understand the criminal justice system

Standard: Understand careers in law enforcement

Standard: Understand careers in fire fighting

Standard: Understand careers in emergency medical response

Standard: Understand careers in security and protective services

Standard: Understand careers in 9-1-1 telecommunication

Standard: Understand careers in emergency management services and homeland security