State Representative: Oscar Carter

State Membership

If you are a Missouri LPS instructor or administrator your LAPSEN membership is already paid for by the state membership. To join follow the steps below. Note: you must have a valid Missouri address and work for a system in Missouri.

  1. Go to the “Store” link at the top of the page.
  2. Click on “Membership”
  3. Choose “Individual”
  4. Click “Buy Now”
  5. Click on “Have a coupon?” in blue
  6. Enter: mo2021 (note: the mo are letters and the 2021 are numbers)
  7. Apply coupon
  8. Complete all the information and place order
  9. If you don’t have a Missouri address but work in Missouri, email info@laspen.org

Law, Public Safety, and Security Cluster

  1. Emergency and Fire Management Services Pathway
    1. Fire Control and Safety Technology
    2. Fire Science and Fire Fighting 
  2. Security and Protective Services Pathway
    1. Criminal Justice Technology 

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