Teaching Police Reports Online

Dr. Tom Washburn  – Cambridge HS

This unit I traditionally lectured some, but used much of the materials in this assignment for the kids to learn on their own. So adopting it to a virtual for COVID wasn’t a huge deal.

Here is the first assignment where they listen to my lecture/PowerPoint and they complete my review items for our test. You can do whatever you want with them. Click Here for part 1.

In the second assignment they go through a video scenario and I walk them through writing a basic report. Click Here for part 2.

I also have a vocabulary assignment for this unit – the kids complete then shot a picture or scan to return the work to me. Click Here for Vocab Packet.

For the first part of the test – you can use my review items in part 1 to figure out the questions. I don’t have a copy of the test as it is in a Google Form Quiz. For the second part of the test – the narrative (50%) – Click Here 

My Original Lesson and Resources 

Click Here to download the orginal materials

Literacy Technique 

This unit is an excellent unit to improve student literacy. 

Step 1 – teach reports

Step 2 – walk through process (modeling). Have class watch/perform an interaction. He them take notes. Walk them through as whole class writes report together

Step 3 – Have another class observe/participate in an interaction. Keep it simple. Have students write their own attempt. Have students share their attempts in small groups. Have groups brainstorm and write a new report narrative together (group modeling). 

Step 4 – Repeat step 3 with a scenario with more detail. 

Moving forward – add report writing to all hand on activities like vehicle pull overs or similar role playing instruction.