Recruitment is essential to sustain program numbers. Low numbers means job jeopardy! High enrollment means less “dumping” and better positioning for funds and support. Recruitment never ends, but we can help each other work smarter not harder!


Getting posters out in your school or feeder school is critical for enrollment. Here are some ideas for you to get started with. If you have some posters to share – please email them to

Poster Making

You have probably been using MS Word to make posters. MS Word is clunky and loves to format things oddly. MS Word will do the trick with limited media – but for better looking posters with easier formatting consider the alternatives.

MS PowerPoint – Note: this is for current versions of PowerPoint.

  • MS PowerPoint is an easy program to do many formatting and media editing tricks. You can take background out of a photo, do easy photoshop and make easy posters.
  • Making it print size – slides are usually set up for widescreen 16:9 ratio. But that won’t print a poster.
    • How to change from 16:9 to printer friendly 4:3
      • Poster ideasOpen PowerPoint​
      • Click on “Design” tab
      • Look for “Slide SIze” and choose 4:3
  • How to change PowerPoint from Landscape (horizontal) to Portrait (vertical). Posters can be long width (Landscape) or long height (Portrait). Here is how to change the standard orientation.  ​
    • Open PowerPoint​
    • Click on “Design” tab
    • Look for “Slide SIze” and choose “custom size”
    • On the right you will see “Orientation” and “Slides” – that is where you choose Portrait or Landscape.
    • This will change all the slides.
  • Google Slides are OK – but not as easy to work with (and has less options) than MS PowerPoint. ​
  • Here is a MS PowerPoint with some tops and ideas:

Poster ideas.pptx

Online Poster Programs 

  • Canva is probably the best. It is a design program. You can create a brand, logos, and just about any other graphic design. It is pretty easy to use. You can use it for free, but it will cost you to download and print. I have used “Snipping tool” and screen shot to avoid paying – but the school agreed to buy me an account to use with my students, SkillsUSA and my program.Heroes Fire Thumb
  • I’ve used Venngage, too. I like it as well. Again – it cost to print.
  • Some of my students have used PiktoChart. ​
  • Bottom line – these aren’t too expensive and are much easier than Photoshop.
  • I made the poster to the right in literally two minutes

Poster Stock Photos

LAPSEN has © on these – we give you permission for you to use these for your school promotions and website.

Members – look out for an extensive set of stock photos. We will have 10 models – 5 male and 5 female of various ethnicities in EMR, Fire, Police, Forensics & Law. These should be available by fall.