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SkillsUSA is the biggest competition in education! LAPSEN is the National Cluster Coordinator for the LPS competitions. We are committed to improving competitions every year. 

Below is information on our national competitions, our proposed new national competitions, & examples of “state only” competitions offered in some states.

LAPSEN will do our best to support competitions at the state level. Feel free to reach out: 

SkillsUSA Kevin Sparks Memorial Scholarship

Support our LPS SkillsUSA competitors while honoring Kevin Sparks – a great support of SkillsUSA we lost last year. 

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National SkillsUSA LPS Competitions

Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Justice

Emergency Medical Technician 


Proposed National SkillsUSA LPS Competitions

LAPSEN is sponsoring three new national competitions. We need 15 states to offer these for us to be able to apply for national recognition. If you are interested in helping bring these to your state email 

Community Emergency Response Team

Tactical Response Team

Trial Advocacy 

SkillsUSA State Only Competitions 

Many states have added competitions to their local and state competitions to faciliate more students being able to particiapte at state. Below are some states and their offerings. Email if you would like to list your state competitions. 

Georgia State Only Competitions 

Georgia has a guide page for all their competitions:


Corrections Challenge 

Criminal Investigations Exam

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl

Criminal Justice Exam

Emergency Dispatch

Forensic Science Exam

High Risk Pull Over 

Impaired Driver Investigation 

Legal Services Exam (9th/10th and 11th/12th)

LPS Display 

Tactical Response Team 

Traffic Accident Investigation 

Trial Advocacy 

New Jersey State Only Competitions

 Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl 

Texas State Only Competitions 

Texas releases annual SkillsUSA Texas Regulations online yearly (click here)

Crime Scene Model Job Exhibit

Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Display Panel Job Exhibit

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl

Felony Traffic Stop

Forensic Science Team