Sponsorship Information

Through LAPSEN you can gain access to the greatest network of Law and Public Safety (LPS) educators. Those are the ones who educate tomorrow’s LPS professionals. You get access to the programs who need equipment, supplies and support. But you also gain access to their students. Those students will go on to become industry leaders. Your sponsorship goes a long way!

We anticipate record attendance at this conference as Covid ends and teachers thirst for authentic experiences. We have kept costs low. The hybrid offering will appeal to more teachers. We also have a fantastic schedule.

How many will attend? When we started LASPEN we had 7 emails on our newsletter. Today we have over 5,000 and we have Identified at least 500 more programs that we are adding to our database. Being a sponsor will put you in our newsletter that will go out to our entire database. We reasonably estimate that we will have 300 attend. For most, this is their first law and public safety conference. Many are new programs looking to expand and locate resources. Prime networking!

We will have a large Expo space at our conference that will accommodate any need. We will also have an online exhibition hall with a one hour live Zoom booth on Wednesday of the event. We will be shipping the conference bags and materials to the online participants. It is the best of both worlds. 

We also offer a unique service. Our Conference Concierge can set your booth up for you and maintain your booth throughout the conference – so you can have a presence without having travel expenses. Our Conference Concierge can even connect you with someone to staff your booth for you. Save money and have an excellent representation at our conference. To learn more about this service email tom@lapsen.org

Register using our Store or email for a form: tom@lapsen.org 

Expo Booths

All sponsors can have Expo Booths at the conference. The Platinum Sponsor will have the prime location with Gold, Silver and Bronze choosing their location in that order. Unstaffed booths with a static display can be arranged through our Conference Concierge. The concierge can also arrange for staffing, too. Spaces are generally 10×10. Larger configurations can be arranged. 

  • Set Up – Tuesday 2/1 
  • Expo will open before and after Dinner on Tuesday
  • Expo will be open 8-5 on Wednesday
  • Virtual Expo will be Wednesday  from 5-6
  • Thursday is optional. We plan to have the Expo through noon on Thursday.

The Virtual Expo Booths will have the Platinum at the top with the largest space on the page followed by Gold and Silver. Those booths will be designed by the vendor with LAPSEN for maximum impact. Bronze level sponsors will be recognized at the bottom of the page with a link to their designated site. 

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 Add On Sponsorship Opportunities

Logo on Conference Bag

We will be giving out reusable large shopping bag/totes at registration. The shopping bags at our last conference were a big hit. The larger tote size is popular with teachers. One side will have the LAPSEN logo and the other size can be yours. The logo space is very large. Extra bags will be given away at LAPSEN booths at future events. 

Cost $750 – one sponsorship available 

Coffee & Snack Sponsor

We will have 3 breaks during the conference. Coffee, beverages and snacks will be provided in each. Sponsors have full access to the snack area to set up what they like and promote however they please. 

Cost $500 per break – 3 sponsorships available

Excursion Sponsor 

On Tuesday 2/1 in the morning we are planning to tour the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, County Jail and County Courthouse. Tour participants will learn more about how suburban sheriffs meet changing demands in the suburbs. The sponsor will host the event and allow the event to be offered for free to the first 40 registrants. This has a limited time offer – if we do not get a sponsor, we will have to charge for the event. 

Cost $1,000 – one sponsorship available 

Wednesday Night Social Sponsor

We have an Wednesday evening social planned at a Wild Wing Cafe near the hotel. The sponsorship covers an appetizer buffet and a drink coupon for each attendee (soda, wine or beer). Sponsor will work with Wild Wing Cafe on branding and such. This has a limited time offer – if we do not get a sponsor, we will have to charge for the event. 

Cost $1,500 – one sponsorship available

Conference Lanyards  

Our conference lanyards will be Euro Soft lanyards with ID clips. They will have your branding along with LAPSEN branding. 

Cost $1,000 – one sponsorship available 

Conference Name Badges

Our conference name badges will be 3 x 4 and have a large space for your branding. Name badges will be required for all conference events. 

Cost $750 – one sponsorship available

Sign up for all sponsorship options in the store: Click Here