Sponsorship Information

Through LAPSEN you can gain access to the greatest network of  Law and Public Safety (LPS) educators. Those are the ones who educate tomorrow’s LPS professionals. You get access to the programs who need equipment, supplies and support. But you also gain access to their students. Those students will go on to become industry leaders. Your sponsorship goes a long way!

We anticipate a record attendee conference as there are no travel expenses. The cost of the conference is even lower than normal. Additionally the conference is designed with maximum flexibility for attendees. Educators will attend a 4-day conference that will be available for them to access through the end of November.

How many will attend? When we started LASPEN we had 7 emails on our newsletter. Today we have nearly 2,000 and we have Identified at least 1,000 more programs that we are adding to our database daily. Being a sponsor will put you in our newsletter that will go out to our entire database. We reasonably estimate that we will have 300 attend. For most, this is their first law and public safety conference. Many are new programs looking to expand and locate resources. Prime networking!

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Sponsor Booths

Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors will have Zoom Virtual Booths. In the Virtual Exhibition Hall sponsors will be listed by sponsorship level, then alphabetically. Sponsors have creative control of their space. Static links from the booth can direct attendees to sponsor websites. LAPSEN can also host a site if a sponsor so needs. Sponsors should be able to attend to their Zoom Booth from 5pm to 10pm EST for the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the conference. It is preferred sponsors have their own Zoom Room to keep things simple, but LAPSEN will gladly provide one if needed. 

Bronze level sponsors will have a static booth with links to their designated sites.

 Description of Opportunities

Q&A Sessions

All conference sessions will be prerecorded. About half of those will have LIVE Q&A sessions. Each night of the conference at 7pm EST and 8pm EST there will be 5+/- live Q&A sessions occurring. A total of around 30 live Q&A sessions will be offered for attendees to choose from over the three nights.

If you sponsor a session, you will get to introduce the speaker(s) as well as have one minute to talk about your organization.

Gold & Platinum get their own Q&A session to correspond with their prerecorded session.

Special Prize Provider

There are 6 special prize give aways – 2 each night. These prizes will be given randomly to conference attendees participating in the networking events. There are two networking times each night. One is at 6pm for East Coast folks. One is at 9pm  for West Coast folks. LAPSEN is hosting the first give away on Monday Night. We will be giving away five $50 Amazon Gift Cards. Special prizes should be of comparable value. Sponsors may break it up into multiple prizes, or give away one large item. The name of the sponsor will accompany the prize in all the announcements and conference materials as well as during the drawings. 

Conference in a Box

To make the virtual conference as much fun and realistic as attending a real conference, we are asking our sponsors to help us fill a USPS Large Flat Rate box with the usual conference promo items – plus fun things. We plan on these arriving the Thursday/Friday before the conference to each attendee’s house. You can certainly have normal conference things like flyers, brochures and such – we want you to make the most of your sponsorship. But we also want them to have an awesome time going through their box. We want our sponsors to help us. The usual items like pens with logos and post it note packs are great, but we ask you add crazy things. We will already be assigning attendees to superhero groups – so they will get a superhero item from a dime store. We want the box to be full of laughs. YOU CAN HELP!

Scavenger Hunt

We plan to design a scavenger hunt to encourage attendees to visit all the sponsor pages. Each sponsor will work with our conference crew to identify items in their virtual booth for “discovery” by attendees. We will develop the scavenger hunt game around these points. We will also ask for sponsors to donate prizes for winners who are selected randomly from submitted scavenger hunts.