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Virtual Mock Trials


From Tim Hart at Cambridge High School in Milton, Georgia 

Here are some resources that you can adopt to do a virtual trial:


  • Have them read case

  • Use worksheets to help them learn roles

  • Use Flipgrid for presentations – opening and closing

  • Use Zoom for interactions – examinations and jury deliberations

Trial – Binder v Georgia (1992) – Click Here to open case

  • Note – if you have a lower reading level group, feel free to use a Fairy Tale. My kids love charging Goldie Locks with Burglary and Criminal Damage to Property

Initial Review of the Case – Click Here

You could add voir dire analysis for more advanced students

Teaching objectives is also a good thing to add early on with mid – to advanced students. Many resources online.

How to Write and Opening – Click Here 

Direct Examination Packet – Click Here 

Cross Examination Packet – Click Here

Closing Information from Georgia Mock Trial – Click Here