Pilot for the Law Enforcement Certification Assessment

About the Pilot

The National Law Enforcement Certification is an effort by LAPSEN to provide young adults a credential that will assist in their bridge from Law and Public Safety Programs to their careers. The first phase of this certification is the establishment of a knowledge assessment that demonstrates a basic competency in an understanding of law enforcement.

The assessment has been developed with input from instructors across the country. Now it must be piloted. This will help validate the questions, assess effectiveness and allow testing criteria like “cut scores” to be established. To do so, student populations that will use the assessment need to be involved in the pilot and accessed for this evaluation. Ideally, about 1,000 young people will complete the process.  

Who Needs to Be Tested?

An accurate reflection of the target population is needed. Not the smartest, not the most prepared nor any kind of an “ideal student” is what is needed. The pilot needs all ranges of learners, but at minimum those exposed to the competencies being used for the knowledge test. Students should have been taught the materials in the competencies. Click Here to review those. In most programs, students at the end of their second course should be ready. Students with IEPs, 504s or classified as limited in language should be included in this sample. It is also suggested that the instructor take the test.

What Is Required?

It is very easy to conduct a pilot. Teachers will provide a testing environment, supervise the students as they test and follow protocols. That is it. Testing results will be shared with the teacher. It is a great metric to evaluate how well a program is preparing students. It takes about 45-60 minutes to complete the test.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Zero dollars. Free. 

How To Sign Up?

Follow the instructions on this page – Click Here. (yes, it is that easy!) 

Questions or Problems? Youscience customer support has been trained specifically for this pilot. They can help you with anything you need.  Contact our Customer Support team at (801) 653-9356 or support@youscience.com

To learn more about the full Law Enforcement Certification LAPSEN is developing Click Here 

What Is the Value in Participating?

It is a great metric to evaluate how well a program is preparing students. And, of course, the students get an indicator of how well they are doing without the pressure of receiving a grade. Those students who receive an 80 or higher on their test will be eligible to receive a higher level of certification by providing evidence of ability in one or more skill areas. There are three areas: Technical skills, Physical/agility skills, and leadership/communications. These areas are typically those that the students are already working on so there should be no additional cost to the school or student for this. Students not desiring a higher level certification may just request the basic certification.