NFPA 2400 NIST Props 2020B including Disks


The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed a  comprehensive set of standard test methods and associated performance metrics to quantify key capabilities of emergency response robots. This is the drone training prop recommended by NIST



Props for the NFPA 2400 drone course. We have a teacher that makes these for other teachers. You are buying one set of four standards (bucket sets). Bucket color and time of construction will depend on supply chain availability. They are expertly crafted. Estimated cost to do on your own $800-$1,000.

NIST disk inserts for the props ship separately, but included in the cost.

Price includes shipping and handling. Product produced near Raleigh, North Carolina. If purchaser will pick up – order can be discounted.

NOTE – sometimes there are price variations due to supply issues.

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