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Emergency Medical 

Note: All resources are (C) 2020 by LAPSEN or owned by the donor and not open for distribution unless otherwise noted

General Resources 

Reminder that some resources might be located in other pathway areas (several resources related to investigation techniques are in Law Enforcement)


60 Seconds to Survival Disaster Triage Game – Amazing game that will teach the students to triage quickly. The first scenario is a School Shooting – so you may want to run by Admin first. Click Here

Syllabus Examples

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Course Resources

Virginia EMT Program Guide – Click Here 

Introduction to LPS

Most states have a broad introduction course that covers most pathways. 

  • The LAPSEN ILPS Course Project has a resource page with links to lessons and more – click here
  • North Carolina IP11 Course Project
    • North Carolina is creating resources for their IP11 course which closely matches ILPS – click here