Law Enforcement Pathway

National Pathways

LAPSEN is the preeminent national organization working in Law and Public Safety (LPS) education. Since we work with several dozen states, we are able to gain a broad perspective of trends from industry and CTE initiatives. We present a national model to serve as an exemplar for states and districts to review for local applicability.

From our Pathway model, we design our courses. From beginning to end we have industry guidance and student focus. 

Our Course Process:


Stackable Design 

For the Law Enforcement Pathway, it is suggested designs no longer follow a sequential order of Introduction, Intermediate or Essentials, followed by Advanced courses. It is recommended that after a broad-based introduction course, a series of topical courses be offered that are inclusive in design. Each standing on its own with the only pre-requisite being the introduction course. 

Credentials and Certificates

Perkins V established a need for Industry Recognized Credentials (IRCs) as well as certificates. What was left vague was how many were needed in a pathway. LAPSEN has designed each course to have IRCs and offer certificates. Regardless of Perkins V, these records of accomplished learning and skill acquisition are essential for students entering the workplace as well as rounding out their exploration of a career area. A robust pathway needs multiple options for IRCs and certificate completion.

Keeping an eye on upcoming changes to Perkins as well as advocating for high-quality CTE programs has led to the incorporation of IRCs and certificates throughout the pathway.

To review available credentials – Click Here

Pathway Courses

Introduction to Law & Public Safety (ILPS)

This is the first course in the LE Pathway. It is currently being updated. 

  • ILPS course page – Click Here
  • IRCs – NECI 911 Dispatch
  • Certificates – several
  • Grade(s) – 9-11 
  • Prerequisites – none
  • Status – in revision 

Law Enforcement (LE)

  • LE course page – Click Here
  • IRCs – National Law Enforcement Certification for SPS
  • Certificates – possible
  • Grade(s) – 10-12 
  • Prerequisites – IPLS
  • Status – Complete & Approved

    Security & Protective Services (SPS)

    • SPS course page – Click Here
    • IRCs – Certified Protection Officer
    • Certificates – possible
    • Grade(s) – 10-12 
    • Prerequisites – IPLS
    • Status – Being Updated & Approved

    Detention & Rehabilitation (DR)

    • DR in development
    • IRCs – Basic Detention Officer 
    • Certificates – possible
    • Grade(s) – 10-12
    • Prerequisites – IPLS
    • Status – to be ready Fall 2023

    Criminal Investigation & Forensics (CIF)

    • CIF in development
    • IRCs – Basic Crime Scene Processor 
    • Certificates – possible
    • Grade(s) – 10-12
    • Prerequisites – IPLS
    • Status – to be ready Fall 2023

    Drones for Law & Public Safety

    • Full course in development 
    • IRCs – NFPA 2400, ESRI
    • Certificates – FAA 107 possible
    • Grade(s) – 10-12
    • Prerequisites – IPLS
    • Status – course add-in and IRSs ready

    In Discussion

    • Constitutional & Criminal Law
    • Homeland Security